Online registration guide

1. Register online and receive your e-ticket

For the purpose of online registration, please enter your email on the online registration page, read the procedure of visitor registration for the events organised by EXPOCENTRE AO, and express your consent with the procedure by activating the check box and pressing the "continue" button in the pop-up window (see the picture below).

Answer questions of our questionnaire and either download or print your e-ticket directly from the online registration page. You will also receive a copy of your e-ticket to the email address indicated in the course of your online registration.

Every filled questionnaire is verified. Incorrect and untrue questionnaires are declared invalid and may result in the cancellation of online registration! Only one e-ticket can be received to one email address.

2. Exchange your e-ticket for a visitor badge

Please present a printed copy of your e-ticket at the registration desk during your first visit to the exhibition and receive an individual visitor badge, which will give you access to the exhibition throughout its period. You can also show your e-ticket from the screen of your smart phone, a tablet computer, or any other device.

Only one visitor badge is issued per one e-ticket.


Enter the full company name in the "company" field of the online registration questionnaire and press the "add" button (see the picture below).

Due to individual settings of your mail service or software, especially if you are using corporate email service, messages confirming registration in the system may not reach you or may go to the "spam" or "undesirable mail" folders, etc. Please check folders of your mail service or software or contact your system administrator to find the letter from the sender in your email server.

Make sure that your mail software correctly displays the registration confirmation link (the link is fully displayed, not fragmented, etc.)

Log into the online registration system using your login and password and download the e-ticket from your account.

Use the restore password option (the "restore password" link is available on the online registration page) or log in using another email address.

E-tickets are generated in the .pdf format. In order to read such files, download and install Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website at

Check your printer.

We recommend using the online registration system in one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 59,
  • Mozilla Firefox 54,
  • Internet Explorer 11,
  • Safari 10,
  • Opera 44.

Browser versions should be at that level or above.

Online service support

If you have any questions, please contact the online service support.
Tel.: 8 (499) 795-41-40

Working hours: daily, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Moscow time

When contacting the online service support, please indicate
1) the name of the exhibition,
2) the login (e-mail),
3) the name of the registered person,
4) a brief description of the problem.

We will be unable to help you complete the online registration and receive your e-ticket without that!