Expocentre has close ties with several well-known publishing houses, information and advertising agencies, and specialized magazines.

Close to 200 newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV channels as well as information agencies cover Expocentres exhibitions, its activity, development and cooperation with overseas partners. Almost 500 journalists are accredited by Expocentres Press Service.

Expocentres Press Center is located in office 123, 2nd floor of Congress Centre, entrance from Krasnopresnenskaya riverside (see the location map).

Expocentres Press Center:

  • gives accreditation to journalists who cover events held at Expocentre Fairgrounds
  • organizes press conferences, briefings and presentations devoted to Expocentres exhibitions and its activity
  • provides journalists with information about Expocentres exhibition schedule
  • issues press releases about Expocentres exhibitions
  • publishes Vestnik press-sluzhby (available only in Russian) and sends it to the subscribed members of the media.

Accreditation, tel.: + 7 (495) 605-71-54
Information, tel.: + 7 (495) 605-71-54, 605-68-28
Fax: + 7 (495) 609-41-30
E-mail: press@expocentr.ru

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